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CIO Impact Award Categories:

IT teams describe nominee’s outstanding projects using this nomination form. Each nomination is entered into one of these nine technology-specific categories and evaluated by a panel of expert judges. There are eight project-based awards and one individual award category (2 awards). CIO Impact Award winners will be those projects receiving the highest scores from the judges. There will be several winners in each category.

Enterprise Social Networking Award
Winners in this category will have leveraged any of a variety of social networking tools and platforms to enable internal collaboration and decision-making or to connect with and better understand and service their customers. Successful projects, for example, will have used enterprise social networking platforms to engage with customers on new product preferences, to quickly sense and respond to emerging customer preferences or concerns, or to enhance and accelerate internal collaboration.

Advanced Software Development Award
Winners in this category will have achieved competitive advantage and delivered outstanding customer value by successfully embracing cutting-edge software development tools and techniques. Successful projects, for example, will have used rapid, iterative software development tools and methodologies to speed new software-based and software-dependent products to market, increasing competitiveness by accelerating the release of new products and services.

Advanced Analytics and Big Data Award
Winners in this category will have achieved competitive advantage through the effective collection, management, and analysis of large volumes of enterprise and market data from a wide variety of sources, from traditional transactions to customer interactions and data generated through the Internet of Things by smart, connected products and devices. Successful projects, for example, will have enabled enterprise agility and enhanced decision-making by providing real-time visibility into critically important internal performance metrics, market trends, and product performance indicators.

Enterprise Architecture Award
Winners in this category will have successfully aligned their organization’s IT architecture roadmap with their enterprise’s overall strategic direction. This alignment will have resulted in a holistic approach to setting IT investment priorities and programs to put into place core IT infrastructure elements such as fast, flexible networks, compute and storage resources, and enterprise applications that enable the rapid evolution of business strategy necessary to meet dynamic market challenges.

Mobility Award
Winners in this category will have collaborated closely with line-of-business executives to define effective, flexible governance programs and to deploy devices and applications that demonstrate the vast potential of mobile technologies to deliver measurable business value. Winning projects will, for example, have used mobile technologies to enable improved internal communication; to support rapid, information-based decisions; to enhance customer satisfaction; and to create smart products and services.

Cloud Computing Award
Winners in this category will have aggressively embraced public or private cloud computing paradigms to deliver reduced costs, increased agility, greater scalability, improved standardization of IT services, and to transform the role of the IT organization. Winning projects, for example, will use location-independent cloud services to deliver consistent application services, enhancing the proliferation of best practices among divisions of globally-distributed enterprises.

Unified Communications and Collaboration Award
Winners in this category will have gained tangible benefits from platforms and technologies that support the integrated, unified delivery and management of communication services such as instant messaging, telephony, presence information, video conferencing, data sharing as well as messaging services such as voice mail, and e-mail. Winning projects, for example, will have used unified communications to increase enterprise agility and collaboration, ultimately enhancing innovation and customer value.

Data and Network Resilience AwardCIO Innovators of the Year
Winners in this category will have taken cost-effective steps to assure that the networks, information systems, and technologies on which their enterprises depend are continuously available, high performing, and secure. Successful projects, for example, will have embraced virtualization, security, disaster recovery, and storage optimization processes and technologies to assure that critical IT resources are always on, always secure, and able to meet the evolving needs of the business.

CIO Innovators of the Year
Winners in this category will have distinguished themselves by leading teams that, in adaptive and cost-effective ways, deliver projects that leverage transformative technologies to enable breakthrough new business processes and business models. Two CIO Innovators of the Year will be selected from among CIO Impact Award winners, one from a large enterprise, and one from a small-to-medium-size enterprise.

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