The upstream oil & gas industry is undergoing a significant transformation. The industry's focus on operational efficiency has failed to bring E&P costs in line with benchmark prices. Investing in long term technology and innovation will define an organization’s future success. For this reason, global consulting company Frost & Sullivan launched an innovation focused benchmarking survey tailored to the interests of upstream oil & gas companies. We are pleased to present the results of this benchmarking study, Innovation in Upstream Oil & Gas, November 19th in Houston. Be the first the see the results. Registration is limited to 50 participants.

Frost & Sullivan will also introduce a Consortium to further support industry practitioners throughout this period of rapid change. This Consortium—Upstream Oil & Gas Innovation: A Focus on Performance—will launch in January and will facilitate discussion, pressure-testing, and benchmarking of innovation best practices in upstream oil & gas.

Membership in the Consortium will include:

Innovation Tools and Resources: Apply Cross-Industry Best Practices
Performance Evaluation: Bridging the Gap to Achieve Best in Class
Workshop: Innovating with Future Trends
Tracker of New and Emerging Technologies
Executive Retreat: Peer-to-Peer Presentation of Best Practices

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Be the first to see the results from our industry-wide benchmarking study, Innovation in Upstream Oil & Gas

Attendance is limited to the first 50 registrants
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Attend The Breakfast Briefing

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Hotel Sorella City Center, Houston
8:00am Breakfast Served
8:30am Presentation

Rocky Valdes

Program Leader
Bus Phone: 210-247-3816

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